Herbal Blending Course
Herbal Blending Course
Herbal Blending Course
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Tea & Herbs for Cold & Flu Season

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A step-by-step course designed for cold & flu season. No one likes to get sick during the cooler months, especially during times of increased viral/infection awareness. If you want to learn how to fortify and build your immune system using natural herbs & plants, this course is for you! 

This mini course is packed full of herbal remedies & teas that help nourish your body, keep your immune system strong, fight colds & viruses, and get specific relief from common symptoms to recover fast. 


    This Course Will Cover

    • Understanding how viruses & herbs work
    • Why your body gets sick
    • How to recover fast when you get sick  
    • How Herbs support the body 
    • Immune boosting & antiviral herbs 
    • Full Body nourishing herbs
    • Immune modulating herbs
    • Respiratory Herbs 
    • Herbs for Sore throats
    • Herbs for fever
    • How to take herbs 
    • Medicinal dosages 

    You will learn detailed information regarding these herbs, including traditional & ingenious uses, as well as how to make effective herbal tea & kitchen recipes with them. 

    Learn how to make: 

    • Teas for coughs & congestion
    • Teas for fevers 
    • Nourishing Tonic teas for your body
    • Antiviral teas
    • Teas for sore throats
    • Elderberry syrup
    • Fire cider
    • And other natural methods to fight off colds & flu. 

    Make sure to grab this course and keep your family prepared to fight off anything!


    This course has over 53 video lessons, demonstrations, and supporting downloads teaching you how to use herbs and herbal teas to help fight off viruses and keep your body strong. This course covers over 25 of the top most effective, clinically researched herbs to take when your body starts to feel an imbalance.

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