Herbalism & Tea Live Mentorship Program

Herbalism & Tea Live Mentorship Program

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 Launches January 27th, 2024. 

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Did you know that herbal tea is not only enjoyed for pleasure but can also help you heal major body organs, just like conventional medicines? Herbal tea has been used for centuries by our ancestors to fight diseases & common ailments and now you can unlock their healing herbal tea secrets through this course taught by herbal tea experts.

Become an Herbal Tea Practitioner

*A 9-week FULL Herbalism Program*

Most herbalism courses DO NOT focus on herbal tea preparations. Instead, they provide a general overview of all herbal medicines. This is the first course of its kind that helps you learn herbalism while learning how to heal the body using herbal tea!

Through this course, you can learn how to heal major body organs by using teas. We will study herbs AND explore healing herbal tea recipes for major body & wellness issues. 

This course will cover 

      • Learn foundational herbalism concepts 
      • Learn how indigenous cultures used herbal tea for healing 
      • Explore the anatomy of the human body and how herbs interact with it
    • Explore how to heal the whole body using tea
    • Lean herbs & tea to assist with common wellness concerns  
    • Learn how to formulate potent medicinal tea blends that work
    • Learn how to heal personal wellness issues using tea
    • Learn how to create herbal tea protocols for yourself, your family, or your herbal clients
    • Learn how to have herbal tea consultations (including legal documentations & forms)
    • Engage in Indigenous herbal tea practices 
    • Participate in weekly tea meditations
    • Receive custom-formulated healing tea recipes   
  • and more!



This course starts on January 27th, 2024  and is delivered in a LIVE CLASS format. We will meet once a week virtually over Zoom for 9 weeks while covering weekly body systems & herbal tea topics. New course material will be released every week to help you prepare for live classes. Live classes will be recorded for those who can not make it and posted on your course hosting platform within 48 hours. Live classes will generally happen on the weekends (mornings or evenings). Live class links will be sent out 1 week prior to the course start date. 

If you’re new to making herbal teas, it is important that you take the course prerequisite Mastering Tea Blending & Formulation Course. This will teach you basic herbal tea formulation concepts that will be important to this course. 

Payment Plans

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